Draft 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan

In spring 2019, the Danville MPO engaged in an update of it's Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The MPO Policy Board will conduct a public hearing to review and approve the 2045 LRTP on August 20th, 2020.  

LRTPs are regional transportation documents that are central functions of Metropolitan Planning Organizations. These plans examine transportation trends and concerns, providing a list of future construction projects that will address the region’s movement of people, goods, and services. LRTPs may be amended at any time, based on changes in federal guidance or evolving transportation needs, as well as changes in federal, state, and local funding. The LRTP provides the framework and vision for an urbanized region’s transportation program.

Click HERE for a high-resolution, full copy of the 2045 LRTP document, or click below to view the plan by chapter. A smaller, low-resolution version of the full plan is HERE.

Executive Summary

Chapter I: Introduction

Chapter II: Public and Stakeholder Engagement

Chapter III: 2020 State of the System

Chapter IV: Demographic and Land Use Trends

Chapter V: 2045 State of the System

Chapter VI: 2045 Goals and Performance Measures

Chapter VII: 2045 Performance-Based Process

Chapter VIII: Transportation Priority Areas

Chapter IX: 2045 Project Lists

Supporting appendix materials, including documentation of the process, will be provided for the public hearing meeting packet, which will be posted online prior to the August 20th public hearing. 

Comment on the draft 2045 LRTP by clicking HERE

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