Open House Events

There will be three public open house events. These events will comply with the Public Involvement Participation Plan and Notification Procedures Manual, as well as the Title VI Plan: Environmental Justice and Limited English Proficiency document. 

Open House #1

June 27, 2019

The first meeting will focus on issues and opportunities. The consultant will also seek to consult with other agencies and officials who are affected by transportation in a roundtable discussion format on this day. Date: June 27 2019. 


Location: Downtown Pepsi Building

Address: 629 Craghead St, Danville, VA 24541

Time: 5pm to 7pm


Open House #2

August 2019

The second meeting will focus on weighting goals to aid the MPO in prioritizing projects, while also affirming existing projects and seeking new project ideas for the region’s transportation system. Preliminary date: August 2019. 

Open House #3

June 2020

The final meeting will be to present and obtain feedback on the draft plan. Preliminary date: June 2020. 

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